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August 2018 Newsletter

GYROKINESIS® Group Classes


GYROKINESIS® group classes are going strong here at bodySpan Studio! Our class meets Fridays 11:00-12:15 and we have a committed group of movers who are working in rhythm together and bringing great energy into the studio. Although space is limited, we have room for a few new people. If you've never experienced the GYROKINESIS® methodology, we would love to introduce you to it.

Cost is $15 per class and you must reserve your spot a day or two ahead. We are now offering your first class for $10 through the month of September. For a full description of the GYROKINESIS®/GYROTONIC® methodology, please visit bodyspan.com.

GYROTONIC® for Osteoporosis

Deborah has recently completed a training called GYROTONIC® Applications for Osteoporosis and is now incorporating this valuable work into her practice. Dr. Justine Bernard is a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and has developed a safe and creative program to address various stages of osteoporosis.

If you would like to explore the specifics of this movement, please contact bodySpan Studio to schedule an appointment. We can address your specific needs and create an individualized program for you which is not only dynamic and strengthening, but most importantly--ENJOYABLE!

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