...beyond exercise

About bodySpan

BodySpan comprises several concepts and methodologies brought to life as a result of founder Deborah McBride's experience and training with various systems of body movement. BodySpan goes beyond fitting into a single category of body training or exercise, taking its form as part of a holistic style of living and functioning in the world. Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodologies are coupled with ideas from BodyCode System and White Cloud Yoga, heavily influenced by Deborah's strong background in dance.


BodySpan provides a nurturing environment in which the focus is on you - the individual. Working in either in one-on-one or group sessions, bodySpan provides awareness, encouraging subtle changes in your movement patterns.

Open dialogue

These methodologies all celebrate the way energy travels through the body and serves to open those pathways. Verbal dialogue is encouraged as new awareness is brought forth. In this atmosphere, one can take time to breathe, going deeper to places that integrate the body with the mind and spirit, and bring us home to the ever present rhythms within us.


Our lives are 3-dimensional and we find ourselves constantly in motion. We yearn for balance as we move through the world - bodySpan offers a way to find it!