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Getting started

Clients new to bodySpan start with a one-hour introductory session which allows them to become familiar with both the studio and the equipment. They will get a sense of what to expect and can start to set realistic goals. The intro is a chance to work with the equipment for the first time and to see what the system can offer. Most people who try it have a positive connection with the system and are encouraged to continue!

Four times a year, bodySpan Studio offers in-studio demonstrations, free for all to attend. To find out about the next breakfast demo, email bodySpan, call bodySpan at (720) 352 7044, sign up for our free newsletter, or look up the price of an intro session online.

Making a schedule

If you decide to continue, the next question you may have is, "How often should I schedule a session?" That depends on the individual, but if you are serious about making progress, it is helpful to develop a routine that includes bodySpan sessions. We recommend once a week to start, but some clients prefer two or even three times a week. Less frequently than weekly, and there may be too much time between sessions for your body to learn the new patterns.