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"My husband and I have been doing Gyro with Deb for about 5 years now and I wanted to say how happy we are with the work she does with us. We are in our 70ís now and have been doing Gyro for about ten years both here in Colorado and other states. We have seen a number of teachers and we have come to appreciate the skill it takes to have effective work done that is safe. Deb's attention to the detail of the workout and the modifications she makes for us are wonderful. We look forward to our sessions with Deb and invariably come away feeling great.
      Thanks, Deb, for what you do!"

- Carol Ponton & Brian Hill, Boulder, Colorado

"Gratitude and amazement are two words that come to mind when I think of Gyrotonics and Deborah.
      My 13 year old son was diagnosed last August with scoliosis. His X-ray showed that he had a 24 degree curve. Deborah was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient when working with both the physical and emotional components of supporting my son. With her guidance and consistent participation with the Gyro exercises, after 6 months at his follow up X-ray, my son had reduced his curve by 9 degrees. He was at 15 degrees after solely using Gyrotonic as his means of support!
      As a mother wanting the best for my son, I am so grateful to have found Deborah and Gyrotonic, and I want everyone to know that this alternative practice to working with scoliosis can and has made a difference."

- Monica Heins, Louisville, Colorado

"I've been a client of Deb's for more than ten years, and have been feeling the benefits of gyrotonics for a long time. Recently, Deb has begun to incorporate foot work into our sessions and it's doing amazing things for my alignment and posture! It has also helped to alleviate some very chronic hip pain by suppling one of my ankles that hadn't been able to fully flex for years.
      As a dressage rider in her fifties with a strong desire to remain athletic and active, I appreciate everything Deb is doing with me to keep me flexible and strong!"

- Wendy, Boulder, Colorado

"I am a 76 year old male, formerly pretty active for many years. Arthritis and fatigue have reduced my ability to move about, stooped my back ever more and begun to interfere with my balance. Deb McBride with her amazing Gyrotonics was recommended by my fiancee who has been Debís weekly client for years.
      Since starting with Debís gyro (and then returning to weekly sessions after stubbornly trying to go without), my back is straighter, back pain diminished, hip not as painful when walking, and my more upright posture noticed by the people around me.
      Deb is a very knowledgeable coach, always encouraging, watchful, careful, and fun. I highly recommend gyrotonics by Deb McBride."

- Tom Burnett, Lafayette, Colorado

"I initially started working with Deb after shoulder surgery and post PT to reintegrate my arm back into my body, and with hopes that I'd be ready to get fully back to work sooner than later. Without a doubt, Deb is a fantastic teacher with a great eye. She keenly observes my habits and compensations and helps me unwind them. After a few months of private Gryotonic sessions with Deb, I almost can't tell I had surgery. Even my surgeon was amazed!
      The changes I am feeling throughout my entire body are so welcome. And the Applications for Dancers are amazing, especially for aging, arthritic dancers like me. It's like the technique that's been buried in my bones is joyfully reemerging. Even though my shoulder is essentially better, I see no end in sight to continuing this work with Deb.
      I'm totally hooked!"

- Julie Rothschild, Julie Rothschild Movement, Boulder, Colorado

"Deb McBride is an absolute pleasure to work with. I suffered a rotator cuff injury and without having had effective treatment through more traditional routes, I continued to injure the same shoulder. I signed up for ten sessions with Deb once a week and very soon saw improvement in my range of motion. It has been over a year since we have worked together and I still feel the benefit of doing Gyrotonic with Deb. I enthusiastically recommend working with her to improve over all health, mobility, and grace. Not only is Deb phenomenal at what she does she also makes the sessions fun!"
- Jane Harris, Boulder, Colorado

"Gyro has been a lifesaver! After a spinal disc injury, Gyrotonic was key to increasing my range of motion and rebuilding my core strength, and those have been the key to increased mobility. I am now able to move in ways that I just couldn't before. Thank you, Deb!"
- Eric, Boulder, Colorado

"Working with Deb has changed my life as it has dramatically reduced the level of pain in my neck and back. Deb gives clear and accurate cues so that I can easily understand how to adjust my body in very precise ways. This precision has helped me learn to tune into my body more and to engage certain muscles over others, training my body in new ways. It is common for me to arrive feeling very tense muscles in my back, shoulder and neck and to leave feeling great and relaxed. When I began my work with Deb, I had a forward head posture of 13 degrees. After a few short months, my head is in more correct alignment of 5 degrees. Prior to this, I had worked with many other practitioners and had not felt any relief. Debís combination of personal experience through dance, coupled with her Gyrotonic training and attention to detail, make her the perfect person for me. I am so grateful to feel this good. I canít thank you enough!"
- Linda Wallace, Boulder, Colorado

"I highly recommend that you consider working with Deb McBride and bodySpan Studio - it has done wonders for me. I am a 71 year old man and bodySpan has made my body younger, more flexible, more balanced and more upright. Deb is a highly trained professional in this work and her skill as a guide and coach are amazing. She is clear in her directions, active in showing you how to do things and personally encouraging as you make progress. I always feel supported and more confident of what I am doing and the improvements I am achieving.
      I wasn't aware of Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis until the past couple of years, although it has been one of the physical training arts for quite some time. At first it appeared to be a bit unusual and complicated because of the scientifically designed equipment. But, it didn't take long, under Deb's guidance, to get the hang of things and to begin to understand the wonderful benefits of this approach to spinal, skeletal, muscular health. I am truly more flexible and have a better posture than I have had for many years. When I first came to Deb, I was struggling with balance. I could barely last a few seconds on one leg without having to put the other leg down to catch myself. Now, I can stand on one leg and even do exercises without losing my balance.
      This has been so helpful for me that I do two session a week, one individually with the machines (Gyrotonics), and one group session without the equipment (Gyrokinesis). I never miss a session unless I am out of town. I was recommended to Deb and bodySpan by a close friend and I am so glad I decided to check it out. Deb is an accomplished master of this work and a deeply caring person."

- Dave Jenks, Boulder, Colorado

"I came to bodySpan a year ago and I have been seeing Deb weekly since then. Deb is a fantastic teacher - she can describe what the movements should look like very well, and is very positive and encouraging. I have scoliosis and the Gryrotonics has really helped my back and has decreased my neck pain considerably. I have more balance, symmetry and flexibility. I definitely have more body awareness and have incorporated what I am learning into my daily life."
- Chris, Boulder, Colorado

"I highly recommend Deb McBride as a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor. Her expertise in addressing my specific back concerns was excellent. She understood the areas I needed to strengthen and increase my range of motion, and expertly crafted a series of exercises to fit. I always left both her individual sessions and the group Gyrokinesis classes feeling rejuvenated! Deb always paid attention to correct alignment, seeing details most would not. She also instructed me on what I can do on my own to enhance my sessions. If I live in Boulder again, I will definitely continue my appointments with her!"
- Kathleen, Sydney, Australia

"Under Deb's keen eye, Gyrotonic has done wonders for me. I'm more aware of my body movements and positions, I feel better, and I move better. Probably the simplest sign of its benefits is that I'm running again after having given up on it years ago because of chronic hip and back pain. It is remarkable how skilled Deb is at picking up what my problems are, identifying the exercises and movements that work best for me, and encouraging me through positive reinforcement. I'm fairly traditional in my perspective on medicine, and for me Deb has succeeded where traditional physical therapy failed. I highly recommend her."
- Doug, Boulder, Colorado

"I have enjoyed the benefits of Gyrotonics for over a year now. I came to Deb for an introductory session and during that time I suffered from chronic pain in my hip to a point it was keeping my up at night. I was impressed with the professionalism and caring Deb gave to me. The diversity of movement during Gyrotonic sessions is never dull and have yet to have two sessions be exactly the same. Deb helped me tap into my core and add the much needed flexibility my body needed. Our bodies are not meant to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time; I feel Deb and her knowledge of Gyrotonics helps counteract the bad patterns ones body gets into while sitting at a computer screen. In this I mean the neck jutting forward, shoulders slumped forward or up around the ears for us stressed persons. The more you attend the deeper the connection you get with your body. You get out of it what you put into it. The 1 on 1 attention Deb gives to her students is great and delights in seeing us succeed. As a volunteer fire fighter, we have a yearly fitness test for wildland fire certification. This gruelling test has one carrying a 45 pound pack and walking 3 miles in less than 45 minute and 45 second in order to pass. I no longer have the pain in my hip and I successfully passed my pack test with the best time in 9 years! Thank you Deb!"
- Anne Reid, Jamestown, Colorado

"Deb has helped me with my balance and turns in ballet. She has also helped me keep my muscles working smoothly and evenly. I definitely recommend Gyrotonic!"
- Evan Savage, age 11, Boulder, Colorado

"Gyrotonics quickly became the most effective aspect of my training. Weekly, Deborah skillfully teaches me body awareness and neuromuscular control and strengthening of the core while integrating rotational movement. Every week I discover improvements in how I can move my body. I know that Gyrotonics is an investment for me because I am gaining so much. Deborah has proven to me that fitness is more than how you look - it is how you move your body."
- Lynn, Occupational Therapist, Boulder, Colorado

"Since doing Gyrotonic with Deb I have become more aware of my body's alignment (and misalignments!) and where I hold tension. This awareness has allowed me to be able to correct my posture while engaging in other sports and activities. I feel great after each Gyro session and look and feel about 6" taller."
- Livia Hall, L.Ac. acupunctureWorks, Boulder, Colorado

"As a dancer I knew of Gyrotonic and I always wanted to try it. When I met Deborah I took the chance to start with it. And I guess, I will never stop again. Gyrotonic gives me so much - on all levels. After a session I have got a good workout for my mucsles, I feel relaxed in my mind and well-balanced. I do greatly appreciate the strengthening of my body in a combination with stretch and circular movements. I strongly believe that this has a huge positive impact on overall health. Gyrotonic gives me strength for all my activities, dancing, cycling, swimming. Since I strengthen my muscles with it I feel like a power ball. I have much more power in my legs, torso and upper body. Deborah has a sharp eye to give the right corrections at the right time. Soon your body feels aligned like never before. Also, she creates a setting where you can just let go and enjoy yourself. Music in the background, good essences in the air... I am returning to Europe and will miss bodySpan Studio and Deb a lot! But Gyrotonic will accompaign me wherever I go! Thanks, Deb, for a great time!"
- Andrea Schärli, London, England

"In the few short months that I have been doing weekly Gyrotonic sessions, I have seen more effect on my body (strength, flexibility and especially alignment) than I felt in the entire 5 years I studied shao-lin kung fu. Injuries that plagued me through all my kung fu training, such as a weak ankle, have all but disappeared."
- Zach Boyd-James, Boulder, Colorado

"Gyrotonic helps me live an active life without aches, pains and injuries from sports and physical labor. Gyrotonic works because it naturally develops greater range of motion using counter weighted circular exercises. Deborah McBride, at bodySpan, is a highly intelligent expert in teaching correct form of the exercises. I totally enjoy the benefits of Gyro 100%!"
- David, Boulder, Colorado

"Gyrotonic has made a big difference in my day-to-day life. I began it as cross-training for dressage and I soon saw a tremendous improvement in my riding. However, after my horse sustained an injury so that I stopped riding, I continued with Gyrotonic with Deb. I have not only increased both awareness and strength in my body; I have truly come to enjoy Gyrotonic. I feel that it has really helped me in being more physically and mentally aware of myself."
- Marissa, Longmont, Colorado

"With Gyrotonic I finally found a form of movement that I enjoyed."
- Sandra, Boulder, Colorado

"Working with Deb is amazing! Her steady, enthusiastic, creative personality coupled with an amazing awareness of my body's needs ensures that each time I finish a session I feel fantastic."
- Roberta, Lyons, Colorado

"In Pilates I had something of a chronic problem of using just my arms and legs and not engaging my core. Deb's system helps you connect to the core and learn how to use it."
- Brooke, Boulder, Colorado

"My muscles always feel stretched and warm after doing Gyrotonic. It has helped me with dancing and just everyday movements like walking around."
- Emily, Boulder, Colorado

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