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July 2008: U.S. Local Business Association
Body Span Studio Receives 2008 Best of Boulder Award

Body Span Studio has been selected for the 2008 Best of Boulder Award in the Yoga category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

See the press release here.

June 2008: Boulder Daily Camera newspaper
Workouts of the year: Overall favorite workout

Columnist Aimee Heckel explains why Deb's Friday morning Gyrokinesis class at the Dairy Center is her favorite workout of 2008:

"Why it was my favorite workout: I've felt cleansed after yoga class or strong after a weights class. But I don't remember ever feeling as good as I felt after I left this class. I felt like I'd just had the perfect massage, down to every bone and muscle and tendon. I also felt focused and centered. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back."

See the online version of her report here, or click on the video below to see the class for yourself.

February 2008: Boulder Daily Camera newspaper
Workout of the Week

Columnist Aimee Heckel visits Deb's Friday morning Gyrokinesis class at the Dairy Center in Boulder
Online version
Video (below):


October 2007: Boulder Daily Camera newspaper
Seeking Spinal Health

Cover story - Fit Section: BodySpan Studio Gyrotonic and acupuncture compliment other treatments for back pain relief

Online version
Print version (PDF)

September 2007: Rocky Mountain Sports magazine
Twisted Fitness

BodySpan Studio listed with other front range Gyrotonic resources

Online version
Print version (PDF)

January 2007: Active Cities magazine

BodySpan Studio, Deborah McBride, Gyrotonics featured

Online version
Print version (PDF)